MEMC Pasadena, Inc. produces ultra-pure granular polysilicon, the base material for the manufacturing of silicon wafers. Granular polysilicon provides tremendous cost and productivity advantages over traditional “chunk” polysilicon because it allows us to achieve large charge and re-charge crystal growth. Monosilane and SiF4 gas, a by-product of the granular polysilicon manufacturing process, are also produced at Pasadena.


Pasadena, Texas - USA (10 Miles Southeast from downtown Houston, Texas)


100% SunEdison, Inc.


Semiconductor-grade Granular Polysilicon, Monosilane and SiF4 Gases, Semiconductor-grade silicon powder

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In 1987, after several years of research with SunEdison, Ethyl Corporation built a granular polysilicon and silane manufacturing plant on the grounds of their sprawling chemical complex in Pasadena, Texas. Ethyl then consolidated all of its specialty chemical business into Albemarle Corporation in 1992. SunEdison purchased the facility in 1995 and renamed the operation "MEMC Pasadena, Inc." Soon after the acquisition, SunEdison expanded production. The facility is now a major world supplier of semiconductor and solar-grade polysilicon and semiconductor-grade silane.

Pasadena Map (PDF)